Effort to quality

Quality basic philosophy

We promote business activities based on the management philosophy based on the spirit of three-person growth of employees, companies and society, and provide products and services that our customers satisfy through their activities. Continue activities to improve the ability to satisfy, and consider compliance with laws and regulations.

Quality policy

In order to "provide products that satisfy customers" in our management policy, we strive to continually improve the quality management system based on the following, and strive for all employees to participate in a unified company-wide effort, and are trusted by customers in the future We will promise to provide "quality assurance" and "customer satisfaction".

(1)We will make quality, customer satisfied.
⇒ We will repeat the activities by increasing the ability to satisfy the quality assurance of products and services and customer expectations (requirements).
(2)I always practice Sancton and Three Principles.
⇒ Immediately in-situ, immediately in kind, immediately grasp the understanding of the situation by grasping the reality (phenomenon), plan the next action.
(3)Rapidly turn the PDCA.
⇒ Improve customer satisfaction through effective application of systems including improvement of quality system that continues around.
(4)All employees will refine their skills.
⇒ We aim to create people who can contribute to quality improvement, and we will improve both ways of manufacturing.
(5)Implement training on quality and awareness raising activities for all employees.
(6)The quality policy shall be made known to all employees by the document and made public to the outside of the company.

Establishment September 01, 2017
Yasuzo Yamazaki President and Representative Director
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ISO 9001 Certification Registration Status

1. Applicable Standard / Certification
ISO9001:2015, JIS Q 9001:2015
2. Target site
Head Office & Suwa Plant
Minowa Plant
Iwate Plant
Osaka Business Office
3. Certification and registration organization
Bureau Veritas Japan Co., Ltd.
4. Certification registration date
5. Certification expiration date
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History (quality related)

MISUZU INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (Domestic base)
1998 Acquisition of external certification (1994 edition)
Head office · Suwa factory
(Bureau Veritas Japan KK)
1999~2013 Since then ongoing certification (1994, 2000, 2008)
Since then ongoing certification (1994, 2000, 2008) Head office · Suwa factory, Minowa factory, Iwate factory (including sales office)
(Bureau Veritas Japan KK)
2013~2017 Switch to internal system (2008 version)
2018 Acquisition of external certification (2015 version)
Head office · Suwa factory
(Bureau Veritas Japan KK)
MISUZU INDUSTRY CO., LTD. (Overseas and overseas bases)
Ming Mr. Electric Machinery (Wuxi) Co., Ltd.
2009 Acquisition of external certification (1994 edition)
ISO 9001 (quality) / ISO 14001 (environment)
(Bureau Veritas)
2010~ Since then ongoing certification (2008, 2015 edition)
ISO 9001 (quality) / ISO 14001 (environment)
(Bureau Veritas)
2022~ Acquisition of external certification (FirstEdition)
IATF 16949 (quality)
(Bureau Veritas)
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