Precision Equipment Division

In 2004, Misuzu began to engage in the research and development of small, lightweight, precision micropumps using its independently developed Rotary Finger Method. Then in 2006, it succeeded in commercializing the iPRECIO® Micro Infusion Pump, the world's first completely implantable and programmable pump for injecting drugs into small lab animals. Misuzu is also moving forward with the development of precision, high-flow micropumps, which it plans to apply to medical, industrial, environmental, and other fields.


Products developed by the Precision Equipment Division are introduced here.

iPRECIO® Micro Infusion Pump for small lab animals

Micro infusion pump for small lab animals
Flow rate: 0.1 μL to 10 μL/h

Implantable - Completely implantable (size: 24.8 mm×15.0 mm×7.2 mm/3.3 g)
Programmable - 15-step dose protocol programmable
Refillable - Additional drug infusion possible
Wireless - Log acquisition, program transmission via wireless communication
Precision - Pump drive using high-precision Rotary Finger Method

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