Precision Equipment Division

Utilizing the micro-miniature and thin part press working (metal and nonmetal) techniques that we developed in watch part manufacturing, we have developed our own integrated manufacturing system capable of tasks ranging from die design and manufacture to press working and surface treatment, making it possible to perform microscopic and complex shape punching, bending, squeezing, and other techniques not possible with a conventional press. This allows us to achieve the micron-order shapes and accuracy that customers expect, as well as meet a variety of other needs.


Misuzu's integrated production system will be introduced here.

1. Examination of parts

Examination of parts

Making use of our unique technology, we develop new technology from new perspectives and concepts, and propose products and manufacturing techniques that will be advantageous to the customer.

2. Design


Ultraprecision press working is made possible by the design and manufacture of precision dies. We develop not only ultraprecision press dies for our integrated production system (which operates to the finished product stage) but plastic dies that support precision plastic forming.

3. Die manufacture

Die manufacture

In the machine shop, ultraprecision machining is made possible by the unsurpassed techniques employed by our experienced technical experts and state-of-the-art NC machine tool group, for which strict earthquake-resistant measures and constant-temperature controls have been provided. The accuracy and quality of the work are highly rated, and efforts are also moving forward in the field of medical equipment parts.

4. Parts processing

Parts processing

Misuzu has been particularly proud of its precision machining technology in the area of precision pressing of micro-miniature parts and thin materials. Misuzu is able to punch, bend, and form microscopic and complex shapes that are impossible with a conventional press. Misuzu is also equipped with barrel, plating, heat treatment, and other aftertreatment equipment and technologies that enable the company to meet customers' needs.

5. Delivery

Misuzu delivers right to the customer.