Management Philosophy

- Personal growth equals company growth.
- We will constantly try to improve ourselves and grow.
- We will grow together in a spirit of partnership.
- We will enrich our corporate life through growth of the individual.

- Company growth equals community growth.
- We will develop originality and ingenuity first.
- We will strive for company growth via all-hands participation in management.
- We will strive for community development through growth of the company.

Management Policy

- Focusing on the keywords "Accurate," "Composite," and "Speed," we will be a manufacturer of "Clean and Fine Technologies."
- In order to offer products that satisfy customers, we will continuously try to develop technology and improve our skills.
- To achieve our vision, we will provide opportunities for "enthusiastic people," "challenge-loving people," and "faithful and sincere people" to flourish, and continue to be an attractive company for employees who produce results.
- We will produce even more value through collaboration with our affiliates.
- We will continuously contribute to our "employees," "company," and "community" by implementing environmentally friendly production activities.

Misuzu 21st Century Vision
Misuzu 21st Century Vision

Macs 21 expresses Misuzu's long-range vision for business development in the 21st century by combining the first letter of three important keywords. As time passes, the community environment and corporate environment change. Accordingly, the company must be aggressive in carving a path to the new era. In order to drive sustainable business activities forward during changing times, all employees need to be moving in the same direction. To make that clear, we established our 21st Century Vision.

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